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Valentine's Day

  • Today, I need you to:
    Smile for me even though you're sad,
    Be kind to me also if you're wrong,
    Stay with me, if you've got someplace to be,
    Commune with me even if you don't believe it,
    I promise you the world because nothing is too much,
    Baby, please smile, happy Valentine's Day.
  • By Amartext

  • You're the treasure that I seek
    The happiness of my today
    The Promise of my tomorrow
    So this message comes as a reassurance of my undying love and I'm also wishing you happy Valentine’s Day.
  • By Amartext

  • There's nobody in the world I will want to spend the day with other than you. Sunny Valentine's Day, and I love you.
  • By Amartext

  • Sometimes I look at you and think about how lucky I am. You make me feel content and loved. I could never ask for anything more. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!
  • By Amartext

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