Messages That American Women Would Love to Receive on Different Occasions

17th November 2019 01:15:27

In a lifetime, there are many causes for a celebration, which include: Valentine's Day, engagement, graduation, birthday, Halloween Day, and so on. Getting the most beautifully crafted and artistic cards for the celebrants, lovers, or families who are celebrating is relatively simple.

We enjoy these special occasions in various ways; some people like to throw a big party, whereas others would love a simple and intimate gathering with friends and family. The choice of how to celebrate in most cases is not always necessary. What is most important is the meaning and how these ways of celebrating different occasions make the celebrants feel.

However, these days, finding what to write on the greeting cards could be a daunting task. Don't be scared, at Amartext we have got you covered with the most generous and comprehensive word offerings, to offer the perfect congratulations to the celebrants and everyone involved in the celebration.


In the United States, birthday celebrations are extraordinary. It is a day that only comes once in a year, and for this reason, it is always a memorable, unique, and colorful day. A birthday greeting card wishes such as the following could be the perfect spark to your woman's ignition:

"Happy birthday sweetheart, I hope you have a truly magical day, I hope life treats you right, and I wish you joy and happiness."

"I have never been in doubt of the fact that living without your love would be meaningless, and I'm forever grateful for your passion. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!"

"Today, I have so much I want to say, but I'll keep it simple. In a world devastated by war and terror, your presence brings light and peace to my life, and your absence is always felt. Please, all I want is you spending the rest of your life with me. Happy Birthday, love."

"I am sitting here daydreaming about you and all the things you do, and I have no doubt you're the one for me. Happy Birthday beautiful damsel."

Follow us at Amartext as we celebrate and highlight the magic and excitement of birthdays with our beautiful compilation of birthday messages and ideas to get your feelings across in the right ways.

Valentine's Day

What's life without love? Love is the highest form of self-expression, and that's why the celebration of appreciation means a lot to American women. Valentine's Day is an annual carnival to celebrate romance, love, friendship, and admiration and with beautiful messages such as:

"Today, I need you to:
Smile for me even though you're sad,
Be kind to me also if you're wrong,
Stay with me, if you've got someplace to be,
Commune with me even if you don't believe it,
I promise you the world because nothing is too much,
Baby, please smile, happy Valentine's Day."

"You're the treasure that I seek
The happiness of my today
The Promise of my tomorrow
So this message comes as a reassurance of my undying love and I'm also wishing you happy Valentine’s Day."

"There's nobody in the world I will want to spend the day with other than you. Sunny Valentine's Day, and I love you."

Sending loved ones valentine's greeting cards doesn't have to be a complicated task. At Amartext, we have some great ideas for you on how to make your Valentine card speak out your mind, just like the ones above. 


Halloween festival in the United States is a fun time for everyone, and people look forward to October to celebrate Halloween. But that's not to say it's a smooth ride. Halloween greeting messages are always challenging to come by. Below are lovely examples of Halloween messages American women would love to receive on Halloween day.

"Today, don’t be scared of the scary faces you see around. Catch the magic in the sky as it flies over and makes yourself a beautiful fairytale, my love."

"Hi love, today is Halloween, don't forget to collect as much candy as you can. Remember, the candy keeps the ghost away."

"The sky is dark 
The stars are out 
The moon is full
Guess what's in the air??? It's Halloween!!"

"I hope your Halloween is full of different treats and little or no trick. Happy Halloween!"

"My costume this Halloween is to dress like a wolf so that myself and my pack can protect you from every monster. Happy Halloween!"

However, you choose to look at it; matters of the heart are always a priority. A birthday, Valentine and Halloween celebration are perfect occasions to spoil your loved ones, and one of the best ways to express this love is to put our thoughts and feelings for them into those lovely greeting cards, to make the process simple and magical Amartext has provided you with its platform to explore and create magic.

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