Customer Retention Notes Every Business Should be Sending

14th November 2019 05:36:45

Customer retention notes are a marketing strategy to keep your client and also gaining new clients. There are many ways to contact your clients, whether by email, SMS, social media or even writing greeting letters to them. The most important thing is not the channel you use is the message you write. There are different notes that every business should be sending to create customer loyalty.

What your business wants to say in customer retention notes

Every business is different from the others. They have different visions, customers, prices, etc. You should know very well who are you as a brand and, after that, you should know what do you want to say, and how to say it.


As the business, there are different kinds of people. And, also, different types of customers. Is just a matter of time to pick a group of clients and send them a message. But you have to send the right notes to the right people. If don’t, your marketing strategy won’t work.

You have to know very well the engagement that your customer had with you and, in this way, offer them things that are related to that engagement. If your messages are too generic, your customer is not going to respond.

You have to base on their previous behavior in order to know what you will offer to them. If you sold a book to someone about Romeo and Juliet, you can consider offering her or him another book of classic literature this month.

Friendly reminders

You have to remind your clients that you are there without being annoying. They are not going to be a lot happier but this is a good note that you can send to them: hey, do you remind me? Well, I’m here.

That’s a really important task because in the world of today there are so many things that everybody forgets about everything. It is important that your clients remind you when the time is right, in order to get him or her to buy you again.

Special Occasions

If you get to know your client well, you can know their most special dates and there will be you, giving them congrats and also telling them that you are there and you care about them. It can be birthdays, holidays, etc. this is important to make them feel special and also get them to buy your products or services.

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