Why are Real Greeting Cards Better Than E-cards

14th November 2019 05:38:59

Greeting cards and e-cards are way too different from each other. But, they are for the same thing: tell the people you love, that you love them. But, how are you going to tell that if you are not investing any time or effort to write a hand-made letter? Nowadays everyone has a phone and receives notifications. Not everybody will take a time to pick a letter, think and write something and send it to you. And, is not digital, it is completely physical.

Today’s world relation with greeting cards and e-cards

The e-cards are becoming more and more popular these days. This is because they are more easy to find and you don’t have to invest a lot of time to pick one and send it. Technology allows users to send e-cards when they want. But, nevertheless, they are not as special as real cards.

If you want to impress to somebody during the holidays or even to send love to your beloved ones, sending greeting cards is a way to demonstrate to them that they are valuable for you, and also that you take the time to pick one card, buy it, think about something to write, write and send. They are little details that worth the effort.

Not everybody sends greeting cards

Everybody is too busy studying, working, and living their lives to think about sending a greeting card. But they don’t know the advantages of sending real cards because they give you more visibility. People like to have a collection of their cards, and take a look at them sometimes in order to remember good things. If you send that person you love a letter, she or he is going to remember you her or his entire life.

They also allow the person to write down and demonstrate its real personality through the real card. The people that receive it will see the effort of the process of sending the letter. There is more chance to add a personal touch to a greeting card than to an e-card.

They mean a lot. While the e-card is just going to lost between all the notifications, the greeting card is going to be available for real, they can touch it and store it in an album for the keepsake.

We are humans, and despite the whole technology, we still prefer physical things than online things.

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