Words are some of the most powerful things in the universe. Words can cheer up a friend, woo a lover, or comfort someone who is experiencing deep loss. Words can inspire us to accomplish more and encourage us when life is hard.
You might not feel like you’re the best at writing, and you might not know what to write in a card. That’s where Amartext comes in! Amartext is the internet’s premier collection of inspiring quotes for any occasion.
We’ve gathered quotes and inspirational words for all of life’s occasions. And the best part is that they come from ordinary people all over the world, just like you. Instead of paying some writer to conjure artificial formulas, we invite contributors to jot down their own thoughts, for the benefit of everyone.
Though we might look different, or come from different parts of the world, we’re all the same inside. We all experience the same emotions of love, joy, and happiness, or sadness, grief, and loss. And even though we might celebrate different holidays, we all celebrate the passing of time and life’s big events.
We believe in the collective power of the human imagination. When you contribute your own words and quotes to Amartext, you’re giving a gift that will help countless others, all over the world!
Whatever you need—whether it’s just a little inspiration, or a longer quote, Amartext has a text for every occasion!

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